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      ... on sky and on earth...

      SPARTA PRAGMA is a company specialized in applied climbing.
      Washing and maintenance of glass facades, resolving problems of water penetration on the facades and its protection, installation of facade’s and window advertising graphics, all are part of the craft interventions done for our clients with high efficiency.

      Thank you for deciding to spend part of your time with us!

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      Floor processing

      With modern machines, with diamond we professionally grind and polishing concrete, marble, terrazzo, granite, mosaic ...

      • - Concrete grinding, floor preparation for painting so as for painting with acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane coatings.
      • - Polishing concrete is a flooring system for buildings, garages, shops, homes, markets
      • - Making terrazzo floors and terrazzo glass, mosaics, Venetian blinds,
      • - Facade cleaning and impregnation
      • - Cleaning, maintenance, washing, protection and care for marble, granite, concrete, concrete, ceramic, terracotta and printed concrete. Removing of old sediments, algae and dirt, stains, grease, wax, oil , stains from cement and glue, cleaning grout lines, impregnation of water and fat, anti-slide protection.
    • Oprez (Caution)

      rad na visini
      bezbednost pri radu
      povrede na radu

      Safety without compromise!

      "Performing risky working activities at height are things that make your knees shake a bit, and you feel the need to be prepared. Professional education and training in that sense have a key role."

      Mileta Pantović
      Founder and Director

      rotect yourself from falling during working at height!

      When did you or your employees, last worked at the height unprotected from fall?
      Did you ever “nearly missed” dangerous outcome?

      Whatever the answer is, you should know that there is a way to never bring you or your employees in that kind of situation.
      Branch “Oprez (Caution) - education and training for fall protection” was founded to provide you opportunity in safe conditions, on height, to overcome all risky situations and to understand what precedes them, how you can protect from fall and work like that without fear on safe manner.

      Work without fear and on safe manner!

      Your safety depends only from yourself.
      The best worker on height is the one who is able to identify danger and reduce the risk, protecting himself from falling, and everything that can happen without his fault.

      Identify danger-reduce the risk!

      Executers on height spend their working lifetime on high structures in industrial environments. They represent the most important part of the multi-million family which is employed in Europe in the construction industry and related fields. They have a great responsibility both for their lives and for the quality of their work.
      Reputation and success of any company that performs planed risky working activities on height, depends considerably of skill of training and equipment for safe working on height.
      Branch “Oprez - education and training for fall protection” is authentic school for safe professional activities on height.
      “Oprez” authentic school for operation executors on height, offers training programs and skills training for protection against falls for all categories of employees, including particularly designed specialized training for most specific executors and environments.
      After the training you will be better and more secure operation executor on height, ready to fully contribute to overall safety of your work team.
      Your company will make savings by increasing reliability and eliminating the risk of injuries and danger.

    • References

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      Click above to view a list of references or boxes marked on the map if you want to see us in action!

    • List of clients

      • We were honored to work with so far a large number of clients. Here are some of the official client list

      • 1. The building of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia

      • 2. The Parliament of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia

      • 3. Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia

      • 4. The General Staff of the Serbian Army

      • 5. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia

      • 6. Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences

      • 7. Radio - Television Serbia

      • 8. Republic Agency for Electronic Communications-Ratel

      • 9. Archives of Serbia

      • 10. The Serbian Post-Postal Center Zemun

      • 11. Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia

      • 12. National Library of the Republic of Serbia

      • 13. Petroleum Industry of Serbia, Gazprom Neft

      • 14. Belgrade Land Development Public Agency

      • 15. City of Belgrade City Municipality Rakovica

      • 16. National Museum in Belgrade

      • 17. National Theatre in Belgrade

      • 18. First Basic Court in Belgrade

      • 19. Construction Institute of the City of Belgrade

      • 20. Belgrade Arena-Arena Kombank

      • 21. Belgrade Fair

      • 22. Theatre "Vuk Karadzic" in Belgrade

      • 23. Palace Zepter

      • 24. Palace Beograđanka

      • 25. Palace Ušće

      • 26. Palace Savena

      • 27. Shopping mall Ušće

      • 28. Delta City shopping mall

      • 29. Commercial Properties is a complex NBG

      • 30. Commercial Complex Sava Business Center

      • 31. Airport City business complex

      • 32. Yu Commercial Complex Business Center

      • 33. Sports - Recreation Center Pionir

      • 34. Sports - Recreation Center Košutnjak

      • 35. Sports - recreation center New Belgrade

      • 36. The tample of St. Sava

      • 37. Church of the Holy Virgin Zvezdara Belgrade

      • 38. Cathedral of Saint Apostle and Evangelist Mark Tašmajdan Belgrade

      • 39. Holy Transfiguration Church - Pašino Brdo Belgrade

      • 40. Holy Transfiguration Church - Belgrade Lookout

      • 41. Church of St. Simeon the Myrrh New Belgrade

      • 42. Monastery of St. Petka Fenek Jakovo near Belgrade

      • 43. Church of Saint Basil of Ostrog in Banjica Belgrade

      • 44. Church of Saint George - Bežanija New Belgrade

      • 45. Church of the relics of St. Nicholas Zemun

      • 46. Church of St. Luke Kosutnjak

      • 47. Carlsberg Serbia

      • 48. Apatinska Brewery

      • 49. АEmbassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

      • 50. Embassy of Sweden

      • 51. Residence of the Swedish Ambassador

      • 52. Instituto Servantes - Spanish Cultural Center

      • 53. Italian Cultural Institute

      • 54. Institute of Economics ad Belgrade

      • 55. Electro - Technical University of Belgrade

      • 56. Commercial Bank AD Belgrade

      • 57. AIK bank Niš

      • 58. Serbian Bank Belgrade

      • 59. "Raiffeisen Bank" Krusevac

      • 60. "Queen Astoria Design" Hotel Belgrade

      • 61. Slavia Lux Hotel

      • 62. Hotel Slavia

      • 63. Hotel Continental Belgrade

      • 64. Hotel "IN"

      • 65. Hotel "Crystal" Belgrade

      • 66. Rimeks Hostel

      • 67. Hopar - Hotel Park Belgrade/span>

      • 68. „Hewlett-Packard“ Serbia

      • 69. "Communis - Eurovision Song Contest"

      • 70. "Media Pool" Ltd.

      • 71. Beoton Ltd.

      • 72. "Sky Corporation" Ltd.

      • 73. Colossus BIGZ

      • 74. "Serbia Broadband" - Serbian cable network - SBB

      • 75. "Telegroup" - telecommunications and engineering

      • 76. "Telelink" - network integration and IT solutions

      • 77. „Delhaize Group“ Serbia

      • 78. "Tradeunique Investments & Construction"

      • 79. "Home Center" Ltd

      • 80. „Comtrade Computers“

      • 81. Falcon Engineering Ltd.

      • 82. Store "Sava" New Belgrade

      • 83. "Vulkan" Bookstores Ltd.

      • 84. "Verano Verano Motologistic & Ana Ivanovic"

      • 85. "Projmetal" Belgrade

      • 86. "Grawe" insurance Belgrade

      • 87. „Turkish Airlines Belgrade“

      • 88. „Imel group“ Belgrade

      • 89. „Novak" caffe

      • 90. Ada Ciganlija complex

      • 91. Branko's Bridge bike-lift

      • 92. Jugodrvo Belgrade

      • 93. Eastern Gate of Belgrade-Konjarnik

      • 94. Western Gate of Belgrade-Genex

      • 95. "Land Rover" Belgrade

      • 96. Faring Belgrade

      • 97. Universal McCann Ericson

      • 98. Hemofarm Vrsac

      • 99. Tehnoservis

      • 100. "Bayer Schering Pharma" Belgrade

      • 101. Farmalogist Belgrade

      • 102. "Lilly Drogerie" Novi Sad

      • 103. Beška-bridge over the Danube

      • 104. Dragacevo Trumpet Festival

      • 105. "Tempo cash & carry" Kvantaš Belgrade - Zagreb Highway

      • 106. "Tempo cash & carry" Niš

      • 107. "Tempo cash & carry" Kraljevo - Industrial Zone Šeovac

      • 108. Republic of Montenegro Montenegrin-hydro-Mratinje

      • 109. Republic of Montenegro-Podgorica Espana Business Center

      • 110. Serbian Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Hydropower Bocac Mrkonjic-town

      • 111. Serbian republics - Bosnia-Herzegovina Bijeljina-University Synergy

      • 112. Skopje Republic of Macedonia Boris Trajkovski Hall

      • etc...

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      sparta pragma adresa

      Radomira Reljića 9,
      11070 Belgrade, SERBIA

      +381 64 225 89 10
      +381 65 225 89 10


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      We will be in touch soon.
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      Defect detecting / inspection

      examined and recorded

      Advanced techniques of access to facilities, equipment with technology of higher safety standards for operations on height and innovation technology for digital photography and video, we have joined and adjusted them to function together in order to give you accurate information about current state of facades and roof of your building.


      • - visual inspection
      • - recording condition with digital technology
      • - elaboration and presentation of recorded material after completing the survey
      • - determining causes, solution proposal and removing of consequences of your facades and roofs
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      dry and water resistant

      In SPARTA PRAGMA operation teams, we believe that the experience brings knowledge. To ensure a high position when it comes to waterproofing of roofs and facades, we have close connection with experts manufacturers of waterproofing materials "Sika" - Switzerland "," Isomat "- Greece," Henkel " - Germany and the "Fisher" - Germany. Result of this cooperation is defined unique group of services in area of construction work. For each intervention listed here, it is prescribed précised technology of application by our associates, which is with the use of new high-quality materials, resulted in efficient solving problem of water leaking on roofs and facades. Quality Guarantee on such performed work is complete and for many years.


      • - waterproofing of dilated joints on facades of brick and concrete
      • - waterproofing / replacement of used-up sealed material with new one, on all types of facade joints
      • - waterproofing / replacement of used-up sealed material with new one, on all types of roof joints
      • - waterproofing facade with new high quality liquid coatings and pastes
      • - waterproofing flat roofs and sloped roofs with new high quality liquid coatings and pastes
      • - waterproofing and protection of facade with sophisticated types of water-resistant impregnation
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      Paint / plaster works

      Prepared and protected

      SPARTA PRAGMA performs paint / plaster work, anti-corrosion protection, metal protection, wood protection, brick protection, concrete protection - on height.


      • - painting works on the facades of concrete
      • - painting works on old facades
      • - painting works on the brick facades
      • - painting and protection of metal grid structure - antenna towers, antennas, radio base stations’ poles, water towers, transmission lines’ poles, pylons
      • - painting metal joinery on height
      • - facade protection with toned transparent and semi-transparent water resistant impregnation
      ÿ ⅰόli>
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      Wind turbine

      inspection and repair

      European windmill blade standards expect blades to last 20-25 years, but in reality they last from 10-15 years. However, even that lifespan is impossible without a coating or some sort of leading edge protection. In fact, an uncoated blade will not last a year. Erosion effects can be seen in as little as a few weeks if there is a strong rain, as well as caused by dust in the air. Other form of deeper damages of the blades are caused by impact of hail, birds, and lightning. A general consequence of blade damages is considerable decrease of the windmill generators electrical energy output, and in some cases fracture of the blades. In practice the damages on the blades may occur within a short time after commissioning. Following a survey by use of drone, our team of alpinists is capable in repairing the damaged blades by use of adequate coating materials. The final goal of the coating repair is to extend the lifespan of the blades.
      Wind turbine

      Propeller tip damage

      Expert consultant
      Our company is supported for consulting purposes by Dzedy Agoli who has an expert knowledge on application of protective coatings of the worldwide most distinguished manufacturers. His international experience gained trough work on various industrial, infrastructural and marine projects in different countries is a great help in conquering problems on technically demanding projects.

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      Snow and ice cleaning

      cleared and enabled

      SPARTA PRAGMA teams equipped and trained for operations on height perform snow and ice cleaning from hardly reachable roof’s and façade’s structures in order to eliminate hazards and prevent damage.

      We recommend to our clients prevention of the danger and damage from snow and ice by installing efficient systems for melting snow and ice from roofs and gutters and the antenna towers and supporting structures.

      Installation of frost protection:

      • - Heating roofs and gutters
      • - Heating masts and towers

      Upgrade your facility with simple and effective system for protection against freezing and prevent dangerous injuries that can be caused by snow and ice falling from the roofs. Prevent roof and gutter damaging and costs for their repairing.

      Snow which remains on the roofs and facades creates ice on parts of the sewer, satellite dishes, antenna towers and antenna supporting structures, often causes damages. Use of heating cables successfully prevents negative effects of winter. Call us!

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      Maintenance / privileged service

      functional and durable

      Services for optimal functioning of facilities:

      • - Maintenance of glass facades
      • - Maintenance of metal facade (alubond, inox ...)
      • - Maintain the facade of concrete and brick
      • - Maintenance of storm water drainage elements - gutters and drains, sewer
      • - Maintenance of roofing bordered sheets, bay, wind strips, window underboards
      • - Maintenance of the roof
      • - Inspection and maintenance of all types of joints and seals on the facades and roof structures
      • - Inspection and maintenance of commercial, locksmith and sheet metal element at a given location
      • - Inspection and maintenance of protective paint on construction and industrial sites
      • - Maintenance of facades of natural and artificial stone and laminate wooden facades
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      Assembling and disassembling

      precise and safe

      In all its work SPARTA PRAGMA incorporates professional spirit. A position of high objects has advantage for good visual communication with future clients. Beside this, maintaining plans for high objects imply craft interventions on assembling and disassembling of sewer, chimneys, lighting elements etc. in everything it does and creates incorporates professional spirit. Position and exposure of high buildings are the sewer, flue, lighting elements, etc. Highly trained and equipped SPARTA PRAGMA work teams have references of serial assembly and disassembly on facilities in our state and region.


      • - Assembling and disassembling facade graphics on vinyl, mesh and self adhesive advertising vinyl (promo and window)
      • - Assembling and disassembling of light diffuser (reflector) and lighting elements
      • - Assembling, disassembling, cleaning and maintenance of rainwater sewage: horizontal and slope gutter, vertical and slope drains and sewers for water.
      • - Installation of new ventilation channels and removal of old gas channels in the catering facilities.
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      professionally and on time

      Construction defects on objects require the professional and on time repairs.
      SPARTA PRAGMA specialized teams trained for advanced techniques of access to high structures with the support of experts in the construction industry "Sika" - Switzerland, "Isomat" - Greece, "Fisher" - Germany and "Henkel" - Germany, well perform repairs of cracks and other damage on the facades, cracked and damaged roofing.


      • - Sanation of concrete and brick facade
      • - Sanation of dilapidated protective paint on construction and industrial objects
      • - Sanation of the old facade colors
      • - Sanation of dilapidated facade cover
      • - Sanation of the facade compounds, compounds around windows
      • - Sanation of the facade sheet
      • - Sanation of rain drainage - gutters and drains, water sewer
      • - Sanation of roof bordered sheets the bay, the wind - moldings, mounting boards
      • - Sanation of the roof
      • - Sanation of the roof structures of compounds with high quality materials based on polyurethane, acrylic, silicon, cement, bitumen, polymers and epoxy
      • - Sanation and removal of old commercials, locksmith and sheet metal elements from given location
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      The protection from birds

      controlled and calm

      Humanly ecological protection from unwanted presence of birds

      Acceptable methods of protection against unwanted presence are systems harmless to birds and other animals. In this way health risk prevention is done, fulfilled communal regulations as well as house rules, and provided needed social and hygienic conditions.
      Acceptable methods of protection against unwanted presence are systems harmless to birds and other animals. In this way health risk prevention is done, fulfilled communal regulations as well as house rules, and provided needed social and hygienic conditions.

      SPARTA PRAGMA performs installation of mechanical systems for protection of the unwanted presence of birds:

      • a) protective combs - dull flexible stainless steel spikes with a defined height in shape of combs designed to effectively reject birds forcing them to permanently leave the facility. Materials: stainless steel (stainless steel) and polycarbonate. System does not endanger and hurt the birds.
      • b) protective nets - extruded polypropylene or stainless steel (stainless steel or hot galvanized) network - a barrier produced in a continuous process which creates a stable structure with standard hole prevents access to birds. System does not endanger and hurt the birds.
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      Washing and Cleaning

      neat and clean

      SPARTA PRAGMA specialized teams with its advanced techniques for safe access to high structures, with the cooperation and constant technical support of specialist from distributional - educational units of renowned brands for production of chemicals for cleaning and washing, including "Ecolab", "Henkel", "Linker" and "Werner & Mertz," provide high-quality service, washing, cleaning, care and protection of the facade to its customers.
      Washing and cleaning as working techniques are divided in two procedures: manual and mechanical. Depending of degree of filthiness of working surfaces and the presence of calcification, traces of oxides, nitro, etc. Procedure of manual washing so as mechanical washing process with high pressure of hot or cold water can be light or radical type. Both washing methods presume the use of modern ecological and biodegradable chemicals for washing, cleaning, care and protection of facades.


      • - manual washing and cleaning of glass facades
      • - manual washing and cleaning of metal facades, alubond and other decorative metal facade cover
      • - washing and cleaning facades of natural and artificial stone
      • - washing and cleaning of laminate wooden facades
      • - glass facades high pressure mechanical washing and cleaning with hot or cold water glass facades
      • - metal facades, alubond and other decorative metal façade’s covering high pressure mechanical washing and cleaning with hot or cold water
      • - facades of natural and artificial stone high pressure mechanical washing and cleaning with hot or cold water
      • - laminate and wooden facades high pressure mechanical washing and cleaning with hot or cold water
      • - other facades with a high degree of filthiness high pressure mechanical washing and cleaning with hot or cold water
      • - facades care and protection with extensive performance
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